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Damn. Didnt hear about this untill today:

Candy Barr, 70; 1950s Stripper and Stag Film Star Personified the Joy and Danger of Sex

Chicago Tribune ^ | 1/3/2006 | Myrna Oliver

Candy Barr, infamous 1950s stripper and stag film star once romantically linked to mobster Mickey Cohen and associated with Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, has died. She was 70.

Barr died Friday of pneumonia in an Abilene, Texas, hospital. She had lived quietly in her native south Texas for several years.

Born Juanita Dale Slusher in Edna, Texas, on July 6, 1935, Barr forged a life exotic enough in the mid-20th century to inspire a biopic. (One was contemplated but never produced in the late 1980s, with Farrah Fawcett portraying Barr.)

Before the dancer's career was derailed in 1960 by a prison term for marijuana, she was earning $2,000 a week in Los Angeles and Las Vegas clubs.

It was Barr who trained actress Joan Collins for her role as an exotic dancer in the 1960 movie "Seven Thieves," earning her a credit as technical advisor.

"She taught me more about sensuality than I had learned in all my years under contract," Collins wrote in her autobiography, "Past Imperfect." Collins went on to describe Barr as "a down-to-earth girl with an incredibly gorgeous body and an angelic face."

Barr became a landmark in the sexual liberation of Texas men in the 1950s, Gary Cartwright wrote in a 1976 Texas Monthly magazine article, the same year the 41-year-old but still shapely Barr posed nude for Oui men's magazine.

Cartwright wrote that in her early career, Barr had epitomized "the conflict between sex as joy and sex as danger. The body was perfect, but it was the innocence of the face that lured you on."

In 1984, Texas Monthly listed Barr among such luminaries as Lady Bird Johnson as one of history's "perfect Texans."

(Excerpt)

Candy Barr was one of those little known underground icons of the 1950s. Her first claim to fame was appearing in a 1951 stag film called "Smart Alec" when she was only 15 years old. Candy claimed that she was forced to do that film at gunpoint.

Anyways, years ago I was selling on ebay a videotape which contained many clips of burlesque strippers, and short stag reels (all strictly R rated at best, mind you.). The main selling point for this video I used was the fact that one of the clips contained a strip by Candy Barr. Candy was dressed in a slinky teddy, and facing a full length mirror. Slowly she would undo her top, revealing her breasts, then turning to the camera. Without a doubt, it was the best clip in the entire videotape.

After it had been sold, one of the losing bidders emailed me to see if I had anymore copies. I didnt, but I pointed him in the direction of where he could still obtain a copy (which was cheaper than the winning bid in my auction). The guy also told me that he personally knew Candy back in the 1950s And had a couple of items that he wanted to sell on eBay, asking me if I had any idea of their value (a 16mm copy of Smart Alec and an autographed book of her poems). I asked him how he knew Candy and he claimed that he used to book her for Bachelor Parties and such. He also claimed thst Smart Alec was not her only X-rated stag film. He claimed that he had a friend on the Dallas Vice Squad who showed him stills from another X-rated stag film which showed Candy Barr giving yet another X-Rated performance.

I have NO idea if the guy was telling the truth or if he was telling the truth, or if his memory had gotten a little hazy since the years passed and if he was getting a few details mixed up here and there since Smart Alec purports to be Candy's only X-rated stag film.

1/21/06 UPDATE: I found the emails exchanged between me and this guy buried within my computer:

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000 22:49:31 -0500 William Jowell

I have an 8MM film of Candy when she was minus 18 plus an autographed copy of the book of poems she wrote when she was about 35: A GENTLE MIND....CONFUSED Dulce press 1972. I knew (know) this lady personally. AND I know where she is today. Is there a market for the movie and/or the book. I am considering putting both on eBAY as a package.


From: bmovies
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2000 9:54 PM
Subject: Re: Candy Barr

Hi William,
Yes, there is a market for both the movie AND the book. It seems that there is quite a few Candy Barr fans out there. Including those who weren't even born yet during her heyday.

Candy's items, like say a mens magazine that she appears in, seems to attract a handful more bidders than other men's magazines of the same era.

I don't know how much your stuff is worth, but don't expect to get more than 20-30 bucks for each of your items on eBay if you sell them
seperately. IF (a BIG if), you're lucky, you could get as much as 60
bucks for the film. Not much more (Is the 8mm film her famous X-rated
1951 stag film: Smart Aleck?). IF you decide to sell them together as a package, there's a strong chance you will more likely get less. Best to sell them seperately.

That has nothing to do with how many or how few fans Candy has (She has plenty. I can tell by the above average number of bids her items get). It's just rare for collectible items on eBay go for what they are worth or more. Almost all collectibles on eBay go for much less than what they are really worth. For example, a couple years ago I bought off of eBay several hundred bucks worth of 1950's TV Guides for only twenty bucks. Cheap deals like that are quite common on eBay.

By the way, if you don't mind answering, out of curiosity, how did you come to know her and where is she today? What has she been doing with herself the last decade or so?




Yes, the film is "Smart Aleck" the only film I know of. Probably more, since, years ago, I had several porno stills that I got from a buddy on Dallas's vice squad. This was about 1956/7.

I met Candy in the fifties. I arraingned several stag parties for her through her local agent. Ran into her again when she published her book here in Midland. Then again about the time she did her OUI spread. The last I heard she is living in Brownwood, Texas. I have searched for her there but do not know which name she uses now. She formally used her name and her first (?) husband's name: Jaunita Dell Phillips. She is truely a beautiful lady -- in and out.

I have checked voter rolls but doubt that she can vote. I "believe" the marijuana charge was a felony at the time.

Thanks for the imfo about the items. Other than eBay where would you

Someone seems to want your video as much as I do. I keep raising and they obviously have a high limit entered. Do you have other copies available if I miss on this one?



Thanks for the info! You can also sell your Candy Barr items on and They have auctions as well, but the best place is eBay because eBay has the most bidders when it comes to auctions. Still, Amazon and Yahoo are the best auction sites next to eBay.

As for copies of my item, sorry but I dont have any other copies BUT you are in luck! Something Weird Video is still selling it for 15 bucks!

Go to

On the menu at the left, click on the word video, it will give you their video page. Do a search by clicking on the letter N. It will give you all their titles starting with the letter "N".

The title of the video is Nudie Cutie. You will notice that there are hundreds of Nudie Cutie videos. Mine is Vol. 23

You will also notice that the Nudie Cutie videos doesn't have a description for each video on their website. When I bought my copy from them I bought it through their mail order catalog which had a description of each and every Nudie-Cutie video. That's how I knew Candy Barr was in the one I bought. I'm not certain, but she could be in more nudie short films in the other Nudie Cutie videos, so when you go to their website, you can request them to send you a catalog.


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