Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Lifelong Republican" Obama Supporter In Pennsylvania Exposed As A Fraud

Watching the Democrat Presidential candidates swing through the state of Pennsylvania, it's as if the state all of the sudden had an epidemic of "lifelong Republicans", going through a change of heart and switching over to the Democrats. Not to take part in their primaries, but due to ideological reasons. Obama seemed to be the major, perhaps the only, beneficiary of all these former "lifelong Republicans", now Democrat voters.

It seems that we are dealt this left wing propaganda every election, every primary year. Hordes of "lifelong Republicans" who tell us that they are now Democrats. In reality, the vast majority of them were never Republicans.

One such "lifelong Republican" named Cathy Gregor wrote a letter to the Allentown, PA newspaper, The Morning Call, and it was published.


I have been a Republican since I first registered to vote 52 years ago. Plus, I have been a ''ditto head'' since Rush Limbaugh has been on the radio. Now, I have changed parties and am a Democrat. Why? Certainly not because Rush Limbaugh urged all his ''ditto heads'' to do so to vote for Hillary Clinton, but because I believe in Barack Obama.

Yet, according to poster Scott Armstrong in the Yahoo Group "The Allentown Commentator", Cathy Gregor is a lifelong Democrat:

To the editor,

I have been a registered Democrat since I first voted thirty years ago but this year I am supporting John McCain.

Scott Armstrong

Don't you think Glenn Kranzley would fact-check this claim before he printed the letter? Why then would he not fact-check today's letter from Cathy Gregor of Lower Macungie Township? The author of the letter not only claims to be a lifelong Republican but also a Rush Limbaugh listener who is voting for Obama.

Apparently, Glenn acted once again on faith rather than intellect. This is a familiar pattern for the editor of the opinion page who time and again has put journalistic and editorial standards on the back burner in order to further the interests his own political allegiance. See the file on Cathy Gregor in the file section for details of her registration with the Democrat Party.

Scott Armstrong

NOTE: One has to join as a member of The Allentown Commentator in order to have access to the files.

Look for the file that reads: Cathy Gregor.pdf

Sure enough she's a lifelong Dem, who is still a Dem. She registered to vote back in 1984, not 52 years ago. And her birth year is 1947 (which naturally makes it doubly hard to believe that she registered to vote 52 years ago).

Hat Tip: Bernie O'Hare on his blog Lehigh Valley Ramblings

Cathy Gregor has her own website here:

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

In Massachusetts, Universal Coverage Strains Care

In Massachusetts, Universal Coverage Strains Care

Once they discover that she is Dr. Kate, the supplicants line up to approach at dinner parties and ballet recitals. Surely, they suggest to Dr. Katherine J. Atkinson, a family physician here, she might find a way to move them up her lengthy waiting list for new patients.

Those fortunate enough to make it soon learn they face another long wait: Dr. Atkinson’s next opening for a physical is not until early May — of 2009.

Now in Massachusetts, in an unintended consequence of universal coverage, the imbalance is being exacerbated by the state’s new law requiring residents to have health insurance.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” Dr. Sereno said. “It’s great that people have access to health care, but now we’ve got to find a way to give them access to preventive services. The point of this legislation was not to get people episodic care.”

Here in Massachusetts, legislative leaders have proposed bills to forgive medical school debt for those willing to practice primary care in underserved areas; a similar law, worth $15.6 million, passed in New York this week. Massachusetts also recently authorized the opening of clinics in drug stores, hoping to relieve the pressure.

Dr. Atkinson, 45, said she paid herself a salary of $110,000 last year. Her insurance reimbursements often do not cover her costs, she said.

“I calculated that every time I have a Medicare patient it’s like handing them a $20 bill when they leave,” she said. “I never went into medicine to get rich, but I never expected to feel as disrespected as I feel. Where is the incentive for a practice like ours?”

Read more at the NY Times

Interestingly, the normally conservative Heritage Foundation was all for this:

But that should not overshadow the significance of Massachusetts’ achievement in enacting a bipartisan health care reform bill that fundamentally shifts the state’s health care system in the direction of greater patient and consumer empowerment and control. The Governor and legislature have provided their citizens with the tools to achieve what the public really wants: a health system with all the familiar comforts of existing employer group coverage but with the added benefits of portability, choice, and control.

Other governors and legislators would be well advised to consider this basic model as a framework for health care reform in their own states.

Wonder what they have to say for themselves now?

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Gay weatherman and a Cockroach

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