Friday, January 23, 2004

Transcript of the Rush Limbaugh tv show from lexis nexis (Rush was doing a segment on In/Out lists that were coming out by the dozens in newspaper columns and magazines):

Copyright 1992 Multimedia Entertainment, Inc.
November 6, 1992, Friday 11:15 AM

LIMBAUGH: Thank you. This show's era of dominant influence is just beginning. We are now the sole voice of sanity, the sole voice of reason. We are the sole voice of opposition on all television. This is the only place you can tune to to get the truth of the opposition of the one-party dictatorial government that now will soon run America. Oh, I mean, we are only beginning to enjoy dominance and prosperity. Most of these things on the in-out list are not even funny, but a couple of them--one of them in particular is.

David Hinckley of--of the New York Daily News wrote this, and what he has--he's got--it's very strange. He says, In: A cute kid in the White House. Out: Cute dog in the White House.' Could--could we see the cute kid? Let's take a look at--see who is the cute kid in the White House.

(A picture is shown of Millie the dog)

LIMBAUGH: (Voiceover) No, no, no. That's not the kid.

(Picture shown of Chelsea Clinton)

LIMBAUGH: (Voiceover) That's--that's the kid. We're trying to...


Why post this? I am amazed by the number of liberals on the net who constantly cite a phony version of events, falsely claim to have seen it themselves, and then cite the following:

Columnist Molly Ivins reported (Arizona Republic 10/17/93) this incident from Limbaugh's TV show--"Here is a Limbaugh joke: Everyone knows the Clintons have a cat. Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is a White House dog?" And he puts up a picture of Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea Clinton is 13 years old.


Here is a post of Steve Rendall of FAIR. Note how he cites Molly Ivins as his source. Yet, Here is another usenet newsgroup post by Steve Rendall of FAIR. Note how he claims to have a transcript and video of the incident, yet provides neither. As is shown from the transcript above, both Molly and Rendall gets it wrong, nor do they care to set the record straight.

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