Thursday, January 19, 2006

ACLU Caught in Massive Coverup while Suing US for Wiretapping

The ACLU had announced on Tuesday, November 16, 1999 that it will create a website called ““. This website would chronicle all uses of the Planetary Evesdropping system used by the United States to monitor Phone Calls, Cell Phones, Satellite Communications around the world. This is the “NSA Evesdropping” system that’s in the news today.

The ACLU had an extensive Library of documents, archives, news articles, links to congressional testimony and was the place to go for this information. That is until now. The ACLU is deleting all this information off the website. It had chronicled all this information and is now hiding it from the public.



Why would the ACLU delete their extensive website on Project Echelon? The answer is simple, they are arguing that all this “Spying on American Citizens” started with the Bush Administration, they do not want evidance unearthed that proves that the Clinton Administration and every Administration has used these “Wiretaps” to protect American Citizens since the invention of the Telephone.

Well, well well.

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