Monday, January 09, 2006

YAHOO censoring negative reviews of "Brokeback Mountain"

Please help yahoo is going to take away my account due to my review of Brokeback mountain
Jonathan Baird

Posted on 01/09/2006 6:14:06 PM PST by Sentis

Basically, yesterday I wrote a review of Brokeback Mountain I was very honest and not derogatory in anyway. I stated that the advertising for the movie was misleading and that the movie itself ignored the fact that these men destroyed the families they created rather than making a choice not to have those families when they realized they were gay.

I gave the movie the rating of F on the Yahoo scale.

Now the yahoo people have sent me a threatening email and have said they are going to close my account if I engage in any more of these activities. Well I guess they better close the account because they aren't going to threaten me. In fact I may take an entire day one day and open hundreds of free yahoo accounts to waste their bandwidth and find someway to get all those accounts spammed so it wastes more bandwidth. I am so sick of the leftists that run Yahoo.


It seems they remove ever review that gets reported as abuse. Basically almost all the negative reviews over a day or two old have been reported and removed.

43 posted on 01/09/2006 6:53:40 PM PST by Sentis

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