Friday, February 10, 2006

"Where is the Money?" Where is the Outrage??

"Where is the Money?" Where is the Outrage??
by: Tom McClusky

The Washington Post today has an article on how protestors are currently in Washington to protest that the federal government isn't providing the victims enough money (presumably because they believe President Bush created the storm with his weather controlling machine.) The Post article certainly romanticizes the protestors: "They came to Washington yesterday from temporary housing, from apartments in Houston, hotel rooms in Dallas and spare bedrooms in cousins' homes. They came to say that the only place they really want to go is home." What the Post fails to mention is that the "protestors" were paid to come to DC by The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a group noted for its connections to election irregularities and corporate extortion. Thanks to Capital Research Center we know that the marchers were paying $50 to be transported 1100 miles away from the cities they are demanding to return to. The paid protestors chanted "where is the money?" Hmmm 400 protestors paying $50 a piece - that is $20,000 not including the transportation and I'm assuming housing while here.

Let us not forget ACORN also receives federal funds. HUD awarded ACORN $1,999,920 in federal funds to be used to leverage an additional $4,397,102 in private resources for Hurricane Katrina victims. Beside the waste of resources for this paid protest (and despite the Washington Post fawning coverage) using taxpayer dollars to lobby Congress is illegal. Where is the outrage???

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They were a "rent-a-mob"?!

That's pretty pathetic, when someone is so desperate for support that they have to PAY for supporters.
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