Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Democrats Can Win Only If America Loses

The Democrats can win only if America loses

Thursday, March 23, 2006

It would seem that John Murtha's Kennedy-sponsored Profiles in Courage Award has gone unnoticed.

With the lack of hoopla over this honor I am obliged to add comment. I feel this award is as fitting as the Nobel Peace Prize was to ex-President Jimmy Carter, and considering both sources not surprising.

Carter has advanced peace by his instrumental work in the Korean agreement that gave North Korea time to obtain nuclear weapons. From Fidel and Chavez to the terrorist Hamas there has not been an anti-American or pro-Communist organization he has not supported. Thanks Jimmy.

As for the ludicrous award our own John Murtha has earned, let's be clear about the motives. He along with his fellow Democrats knows that the news from Iraq is not good. That is not to say that good news does not exist, but good news is not reported. The war can be lost right here at home with a helpful media, and it is incumbent that America lose in order for Democrats to win an election.

Demoralize the American public, with each enemy attack yell out for surrender. "Redeployment" equals surrender, equals lose a winnable war. Each time the enemy who is watching hears the likes of John Murtha say we can't afford to lose one more soldier they are emboldened to kill more soldiers. Not that this is a concern of Murtha -- after all there is an election to win.

John Murtha is not alone in this as the Democratic Party by a majority is invested and active in losing this war, with the notion that all can be righted after they are empowered. Murtha's dream chairmanship of the Armed Services Committee will never be obtained unless Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker of the House, so you can bet the deal had been struck and, like a good foot soldier, Murtha is doing his best to undermine America in effort to hurt the incumbent party.

The true Profile in Courage award should be bestowed on Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman who has actually gone to Iraq and reported the good news that does exist. Lieberman has enough political savvy to know that he would lose all party support and face a likely loss of his seat in the primary because he dared put his country's interest and truth above political gain.

America should reward Lieberman as a true Profile in Courage for speaking a truth against his own political interest, and we in Western Pennsylvania should retire our enemy's friend, Jack Murtha.

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