Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bill Press' Defense: Fake, but Accurate (Lovenstein Hoax)

July 27, 2006
Parting Shot

Nate wrote this at 8:53 am:

This parting shot is dedicated to all those hundreds of people who emailed me about Bush’s IQ.

Okay, I’ll make a deal with you.

I’ll admit I was wrong. I goofed. I cited a study ranking George Bush as having the lowest IQ of any of the last 12 presidents. Bill Clinton, scoring the highest. As I later discovered, that study was bogus. There is no so-called Lovenstein Institute.

Again, I’ll admit I was wrong.

But you’ve got to admit: It sure is believable. Does anybody doubt that Bill Clinton’s the smartest - and George Bush is the dumbest? Just look at his record.

Iraq. That dumbbell took us to war to get rid of WMD that didn’t even exist.

The Middle East. He’s so dumb he doesn’t know the first step toward ending a war is for both sides to stop shooting.

Global warming. Miami will be underwater before he realizes there’s a problem.

The budget. He couldn’t balance a budget if his job depended on it. Too bad it doesn’t.

See what I mean? Who needs a study? It’s self-evident.

George Bush is not only the dumbest of all 12 presidents since World War II.

He’ll go down in history - as the dumbest president…ever!

That’s my parting shot for today. I’m Bill Press.


How dumb can one get?

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