Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chutzpah defined (Democrats bitching at Bush about North Korea)

From http://crushliberalism.blogspot.com/

Geez, these #ssholes complain that we "go it alone" in Iraq, then they want us to go it alone with North Korea? Make up your freakin' minds, liberals! Snow is right: the NorKoms are trying to give themselves stature by pressuring the US into direct talks so they can extort money from us, and if there are other countries in the room, it's pretty tough to get that kind of extortion to work.

It's indisputable: Clinton's 1994 plan to give the NorKoms two light water nuke reactors got us to where we are today. All the NorKoms did was promise not to make nukes, and Bubba and Not-too-bright said "Hey, works for us!" Who knew that commie dictators could be liars??

All this crap happened in the 1990's when a certain intern-diddling cigar-hiding defense-squandering hedonist was running the show, and now that his successor has been tasked with cleaning up the mess...it is the successor's fault? And said hedonist's power-hungry spouse and her leftist minions are critical of the successor?

Chutzpah, my friends. Shameless, unadulterated chutzpah.

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