Friday, August 10, 2007

Punishing Team Killers on Call Of Duty 3 (Xbox Live)

Call of Duty 3 is a World War 2 videogame. I play it using the Xbox 360. The best feature of this game is playing online against other players. "Team Killers" are people who get their jollies killing off members of their own team instead of the enemy. I've run up against this sort of player a few times. I hate them. They are the scourge of this game. However, one person has a neat little way to ruin the fun of the "team Killers". Watch....

The guy has turned the tables on the "Team Killer". He is a Medic (obviously, so is the team killer). A Medic is armed with a pump shotgun, a pistol, a smoke grenade, and a hypodermic needle, with which you use to revive your fellow teammates when they are shot. So, he shotguns the team killer, revivies him, shotguns him again, revives him, etc. Over and over again. The team killer gets a taste of his own medicine. What's more amazing is how he has the enemy, the Germans, taking part in this. (Your teammates have the chevron hovering over their heads, the other side has no chevrons visible to you. They do have chevrons, but it's only visible to their fellow teammates. That's how you distinguish friend from foe in this game: People on your team has the chevrons floating above their heads, and the enemy doesnt)

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