Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dear John Pilot tv episode (1988) Part 2

This is the pilot episode for the Judd Hirsch tv series, Dear John (1988-1992).

In the pilot, Judd hirsch plays John Lacey, a school teacher who comes home one day to an empty house and a "Dear John" letter in which he learns that his wife has left him for another man, his best friend. John gets a divorce, and joins a support group for divorced people, the 1-2-1 Club, headed by Louise Mercer.

The regular cast was:

Judd Hirsch as John Lacey
Tom Willett as Tom
Jere Burns as Kirk Morris
Jane Carr as Louise Mercer
Harry Groener as Ralph Drang
Isabella Hofmann as Kate McCarron
Billie Bird as Mrs. Philbert

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