Friday, September 19, 2008

Again Another Phony "Lifelong Republican"

This article from the liberally biased "The Saint Petersburg Times" in Florida is about fence sitters who are now voting for Obama.

The article opens:

Five weeks ago, the St. Petersburg Times convened a group of Tampa Bay voters who were undecided about the presidential election. Their strong distrust of Barack Obama suggested it was a group ripe for John McCain to win over.

Not anymore. The group has swung dramatically, if unenthusiastically, toward Democrat Obama. Most of them this week cited the same reason: Sarah Palin.

Among the fence sitters is a man named Donn Spegal who is identified as a lifelong Republican:

"The one thing that frightens me more than anything else are the ideologues. We've seen too many," said 80-year-old Air Force veteran Donn Spegal, a lifelong Republican from St. Petersburg, who sees McCain's new running mate as the kind of "wedge issue" social conservative that has made him disenchanted with his party.

It took freeper "dirtboy" to reveal the following:

Lifelong Republican? Then why was his only documented campaign contribution 11 years ago to a Democrat?

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