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Phony Baloney "Lifelong Republicans"

Every election year we have to put up with the Democrats, among others, masquerading as a "lifelong republican" This election year it seems to be more intense as the Barack Obama Presidential campaign has practically made it a centerpiece of their campaign strategy.

Here is one example:

Democrats use a fake Republican from Grant County to introduce Barack Obama


You may remember Barney Smith from Fairmount, Indiana. He spoke at the Democrat National Convention Thursday night and was one of the people who introduced Barack Obama. He will be remembered for the line "I want a president who cares more about Barney Smith than they do about Smith Barney." A great well-written line that many people remember.

On Thursday night in Denver, when he introduced Barack Obama, he claimed to be a "lifelong" Republican. But it looks like the Democrats lied about his affiliation, or at minimum never took the time to check him out.


Barney Smith's voter registration is clear. It shows that for the last 12 years he has voted in 3 primary elections. In 1996 he voted Democrat, in 2006 he voted Republican, and in 2008 he voted Democrat.


Download voting_record.pdf

And another:

Obama scores another faux gunnie

[F]ormer Joyce Foundation board member Barack Obama has secured yet another faux Second Amendment supporter in “lifelong Republican” Tony Dean, a long-time host of hunting and fishing television shows in South Dakota. Dean told the Dallas News he’s switching parties to head a Sportsmen for Obama group.

A “lifelong Republican” that is “switching parties to head a Sportsmen for Obama group”?

This is an interesting claim, given that Dean was mentioned by the Rapid City Journal in 2003 as a “possible Democratic candidate for Congress” who endorsed Democrat Senator Tim Johnson for reelection just a year earlier. Dean’s efforts to draw gun owners to Johnson weren’t enough, and Johnson’s Republican challenger, John Thune, became a U.S. Senator from South Dakota. According to public records, Dean donated money to another anti-gun South Dakota Democrat, Tom Daschle, also in 2003.

For Tony Dean to have “switch[ed] parties to head a Sportsmen for Obama group” he would have to have done so at least two years before Obama was even elected to Senate, and five years prior to he announced his presidential bid. Indeed, it appears the word “lifelong” is as difficult for Dean and the Obama campaign to define as the word “is” is to Bill Clinton.

Dean is quoted by the Dallas News as saying he’s “99 percent sure a President Obama isn’t going to infringe on gun rights.” But seeing as Mr. Dean, who at least one blogger has been dubbed ‘South Dakota’s Al Gore’ because of his fervent belief in human-cause global warming, describes himself as a “moderate on the gun issue” who “opposes the NRA on most gun issues,” his assurances about Obama aren’t likely to be much consolation to pro-gun voters.

And here's another:

"Fahey, a lifelong Republican who is now an ardent Obama supporter"

Yet here is an article from 2000 which describes this "lifelong republican" back then as an "independent":

"In Lebanon, independent voter Frank Fahey..."

And still another:

Lehigh Valley Ramblings: Obamamama Pulls Fast One on Morning Call

In a letter to the editor published in The Morning Call yesterday, Lower Macungie Township resident Cathy Gregor - lifelong Republican and "dittohead" to boot - claims she's switched parties just so she can vote for Barack Obama.


But guess what? It's an Obamabomb. According to The Allentown Commentator, the only Cathy Gregor from Lower Macungie Township registered to vote has been a registered Democrat since 1984. Last time she voted was in 2004.

Maybe she thought she was Republican. These Obama supporters are starting to get as nutty as Ron Paul's regiments.

Correction: She also voted in 2007, as a D.


Which brings me to today's New York Post, I read the following letter to the editor from Carl Hafner of Copiague, NY (the online edition does not have his town listed alongside his name, but the print edition does):

Palin knows how to horribly shoot an innocent caribou.

As far as I'm concerned, she is a sick individual, as well as her family for having a trophy pile of antlers of dead animals as a decoration outside of their home.

Maybe if Palin spent more quality time with her children, instead of hunting innocent creatures, she would not be involved with a messy family pregnancy drama right now.

I was raised a Republican by my parents and have been a proud Republican all my life. However, for the first time in my 51 years, I will vote Democratic this election.

Carl Hafner

What with so many people masquerading as "lifelong Republicans" these days, and since no real life lifelong Republican describes themselves as such, I got a little suspicious and did some searching in the New York voter registration database. And guess what? Carl Hafner is not a Republican as he claims. He has no party listed as a matter of fact ("Not enrolled in a party"). Color me shocked that we have another liar on our hands here.

Click on the pic for a larger version:

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