Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jackie Gleason Life of Riley episodes

This is great. These are episodes of the tv series Life of Riley. William Bendix is known for the role, but Jackie Gleason played the role first from 1949-1950. An interesting look at television from 1949!

I havent seen these episodes since the mid-1980s when I got my very first VCR. At the time, the local tv station (channel 11, WPIX, if I recall correctly) aired these shows on the weekdays, but only at 5:30am. So I taped them while I slept. Unfortunately, I had to eventually tape over them as at the time I couldnt afford to buy more and more videocassettes. So I had to reuse the ones I had.

William Bendix played Chester A. Riley in the 1949 movie version, but couldnt do the tv version due to he couldnt get out of his movie contract. So, for the first year, Jackie Gleason played the role. However, it was also taken off the air and not brought back untill 1953. By that time William Bendix was able to do the show, which he did from 1953-58.

Here is a cast list of the Jackie gleason episodes:

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