Thursday, January 01, 2009

A couple more lying bloggers

According to this blogger, who refers to himself as The Maximum Leader:

"Here is a confession for you… Your Maximum Leader isn’t a Rush Limbaugh guy. Limbaugh is a blowhard entertainer and just not your Maximum Leader’s style… There was a period from the early 90s where your Maximum Leader would tune into the Limbaugh show when he was in the car at lunchtime. Anyhoo… He’s not listened to Limbaugh’s show since the mid-1990s. There was one event that caused your Maximum Leader to tune out… It was the day that Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton ugly."

Here's a relevation for you: You're a liar. You saw that description of events somewhere on the net, assumed it was true, and invented this lie of having heard it yourself. And if that wasnt enough, you concocted another lie about that being the pivotal moment when you stopped listening.

Limbaugh NEVER called Chelsea ugly. The incident in question occured on his (now defunct) tv show, not his radio show, and it occured in the early 90s (92 to be exact). Not mid 90s.

Its amazing how many people who hate limbaugh at the time claimed that they would never watch his show, (same way they now claim to never watch Fox news), then years later claim that they not only saw Rush's show, but saw that incident in question (transcript is available at lexis nexis), and then on top of that also claim that was the first or last time they watched the show. What a coinky dink! I wish I had a nickel for every phony lying liberal who claimed this. (and when pressed for futher details to prove they saw the show, they all give wildly varying descriptions...none of which are accurate).

And then Joan of Argghh comments below this guys post:

Joan of Argghh! said:

Yep. That was the day I quit listening, too. Juvenile. I still tune him in during the big brouhahas for information, but I cannot stomach his lack of boundaries. He’s not worthless as an entertainer or dispenser of information, he’s just not somebody I really care about. His personal attacks against a child were mean, and his non-apology sealed the deal. And I had enough of that in Junior High.

26.11.08 um 10:14 am

For the record:

The Transcript

website statistics

Yeah--but rush limbo is a drug addled liar, and GAY, too! Thankfully, he's not even the 4th most listened to radio personality (which is all he is). And only morons listen to that fat Onanism.
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